Stephen Jones

Executive Chef,
Blue Hound Kitchen

Stephen has amassed a wealth of culinary expertise in his 32 years, which is not surprising when you consider that he comes from a family of master chefs and cooks. A former football player at Utah State, he trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena before working at Watergrill, Table 8, and Nobu in Las Vegas. He moved to Arizona once he became engaged to his wife, as she was born and raised in Arizona. He then served as Chef de Cuisine at Tarbell's, and as Executive Chef at Latilla at the Boulders Resort in Scottsdale.

Now as Executive Chef of Blue Hound, his vision is to be the leader in downtown Phoenix, with respect for the environment in terms of SLO: sustainable, local and organic.

  • Q: Who is your culinary mentor?
  • A: Michael Kornick owner of Restaurant mk in Chicago is most certainly one of my culinary mentors as well as a really good friend he taught about the experience of dining, about restaurant dynamics and guests satisfaction. What a brilliant culinary/hospitality mind to be around and have worked for.
  • Q: What do you consider your best culinary creation?
  • A: I don't have that answer yet... with everyday comes new discoveries, that's why this love of cooking/creating is a love because its infinite with thought.
  • Q: What inspires you?
  • A: Seasons, People, The Ocean
  • Q: What are your favorite classics to cook?
  • A: I absolutely love roasting whole chickens, if I died today whole roasted chicken would be my last meal. The aroma of a whole chicken roasting is transcending.
  • Q: What is your favorite kitchen tool?
  • A: Anyone who knows me would say my thermal immersion circulator, but it's actually my pairing knife..the thing is great for almost everything
  • Q: Who would you love to have eat at Blue Hound?
  • A: Everyone...
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