About Kimpton Hotels
About Kimpton Hotels

Hotel Palomar Phoenix: A Downtown Kimpton Hotel

We believe every hotel tells a story. Hotel Palomar Phoenix's represents heat, the element of change Here, in a sprawling desert valley where a seafloor once lay, the arid landscape tells of sand transformed by heat into glass, mineral transformed by hand into medium. A vast empty transformed into a thriving metropolis—connected, contemporary, cosmopolitan. Hotel Cityscape Palomar embodies the transformation—from sand to city to solace. Sculpted forms and organic textures take on a history all their own under the desert sun. They are rich, rugged and masculine. Yet the extreme environment also requires spaces to be the model of efficiency—cool, minimal, direct. The transformative power of heat and its well-designed absence—this is the essence of the modern cityscape.

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Hotel Palomar Phoenix is one of over 50 Kimpton Hotels in the United States, with locations across the country.
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Our commitment-free program offers up to 20% off the best available rate and exclusive benefits to small and mid-size business travelers.
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Kimpton Hotels is committed to social responsibility and playing its part in a positive social and environmental difference in our community.
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Little ones get an extra-big welcome. With our Kimpton Kids program, we give you the scoop on family-friendly activities, lend you gear to use during your stay, and even hook you up with babysitters. (You're on vacation, after all.)
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