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The Garment League (TGL) is proud to partner with Artlink and the Kimpton Palomar Phoenix to showcase and promote fashion design. The following designers are TGL members and part of the Arizona Designers Studio.

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Ruby Farias Designs

Designer: Ruby Farias

Ruby Farias is an artist & designer. She paints, embellishes, and designs clothing, accessories, and home goods. Her love for nature and symbolism is always present in her work. You have seen the likes of her work on Alice Cooper’s Rock the Runway, and on local celebrities. She has instructed and owned her own paint and sip studio and has been on local television instructing “DIY,” embellishing derby hats, shoes, and handbags. She believes in helping the community and not for profit organizations, donating her time and talent. Most recently, she was awarded the On Central Fashion Humanitarian Award and is a 2021 Trendsetter. She currently serves on the Board of the Arizona Costume Institute and the Artilink Artist Council. She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and daughter.

J. Eminence logo

J. Eminence

Designer: Jillian Donegan

Jillian Donegan (Jilliee) is a fashion model and public figure who created J. Eminence during the Covid 19 pandemic. J.Eminence is the destination for fashion accessories where all pieces are statements.

Jilliee’s brand is reflective of her authenticity and passion for making impactful contributions to the community. For Jilliee, the birth of this design concept during such a pivotal time in history is a reminder of how technology and economic viability is essential to future growth of the fashion industry.

Phoenix Fit logo

Phoenix Fit

Designer: Paola Garcia

Fashion and fitness can go hand in hand. The right outfit can motivate you to workout while making you feel your best and strongest. Phoenix Fit is made for every person who lifts or wants to start lifting. Every piece is made to empower you to do one more rep, because although your mind may think you are done, your body is capable of much more. As a brand created in Phoenix, we believe the fashionable city is filled with strong and powerful lifters in need of the right outfit to help them reach their personal records. Be Phoenix Fit.

Couture Aprons logo

Couture Aprons

Designer: Roxane

Couture Aprons is a Luxury Lifestyle Brand designing one of kind Hostess Aprons for today's Modern Woman. We believe captivating Beauty Harnesses Romance; so we design to make your moments into memories by capturing the Heart of Beauty and making our customers feel confident at their next Soirée. We are Couture Aprons for every occasion.

Black Apple Apparel logo

Black Apple Apparel

Designer: Ken Thomas

Black Apple Apparel was established in 2019 to promote a unique brand of urban streetwear. Black Apple Apparel is dedicated to creating clothing and accessories that stand out a cut above the rest. With its unique concept, Black Apple Apparel's goal is to cater to those individuals never afraid to stand out and never compromising who they are. It's ok to be different. Be original. Be you.

Natalia Acosta logo

Natalia Acosta

Natalia Acosta

Luxury handmade couture gowns

House of Donaldson logo

House of Donaldson

Designer: JC Donaldson

Our value proposition is simple. We seek to offer fine custom clothing in the most convenient way possible. Whether at your home, your office, or online, you can shop for custom clothing in the way that suits you.

Tricee Thomas Designs logo

Tricee Thomas Designs

Designer: Tricee Thomas

Fashion forward trendsetting ready to wear for women who stand out in a crowd and commands attention.

Tricee Thomas Agency was founded in 2003 by Tricee Thomas who is also the Founder of The Garment League. Since then the brand has been a very fashionable and reputable company from coast to coast.

Tricee started her infatuation with the fashion industry at a very young age. Before heading into the art and design aspect of the industry, she had pursued a modeling career in New York where she booked print work and a variety of fashion and tradeshow. During this time, her love for beautiful garments started to take over her ambition, as well as the behind the scenes facets of the apparel trade.